Caputo’s style went through evolutions both technique and stylistic that were often in unison.
He started painting when he was very young, using exclusively oils.
At the end of ’99 he started a new period of research and experimentation.

The watercolour transparencies, darker and intense in some parts and lighter in other encouraged him in studying the light and in representing his subjects in a totally realistic way.
In this works he has a prearranged attitude: space, shapes and shadows are solid.

From now on his worksbecame strongly expressive: in his portraits he can
capture the personality of the subject meaning it through a characteristic expression or the intensity of a look.
With pastels the shapes become more dynamic and shaded: we can perceive such innovation in ‘Cavalli al galoppo’, in which he emphasised the movement
of the horses, as in ‘Sposa’, captured while she was fixing her dress.
The ‘Isola lacustre’ work (april 2000), made with a mixed technique of acrilic
and pastel, represent one of the most important moments in Caputo’s vocation because it makes the point of his gestural painting, made of material and sign, which will become his distinctive sign. In this work the grass is made by thick vertical signs, while the rest is pastel.
Caputo likes also experimenting mixed technique like acrilic spread sometimes with spatula others with paint brush, and treated with sand or stucco.
Today his painting is instinctive and wants to realise the spontaneity of the inspiration through the vigorous use of the spatula.