Bruno Caputo was born in Milan in 1964, where he currently lives and works.

He has always felt the desire to spend part of his time making art, partially to escape from the shackles of the quotidien, where everyday rationality rules.

In the beginning, Caputo's attraction to visual images, drew him to photography , and later to painting,
where he has discovered his true medium.

His first steps, as it always happens, were focused on the figurative arts; Caputo is now following
a more instinctive line, representing nature, and emphasizing color more than focusing on details.

His artistic path has been certainly guided from the curiosity of trying most of the different classic
technique, expressing himself through drawing from portraits to landscapes.

He now prefers a painting texturally; Caputo's works, produced on board, display his use of thick lines
of acrilic paint that build up the image, with the intention of giving a freshness to the work, evoking
layers of memories and sensation.

The joy of freeing himself through the impulsiveness of the gesture has allowed him to produce,
in only two years, over one hundred works. Thirty of these paintings are part of the exhibition
'Tribute to Nature'.